About Boo: Find out more about our origins & ethos

Boo Cottage Botanicals was founded in 2014 at the foot of the Quantock Hills in rural Somerset and is run by Nichola and Ben.

The company was born, initially, out of curiosity. Nichola, a self-confessed serial crafter, was intrigued as to how soap was made using the traditional cold pressed method. Having learnt how to make soap her knowledge of the industry increased drastically and she became aware of the synthetic ingredients used in many mass produced products and, as a result, she decided to create a skincare range that was completely natural; free from synthetic preservatives, foaming agents and artificial colourants and, instead, produce products that are packed full of plant based goodness.

Handcrafted botanical skincare with a conscience.

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    Inspired by the countryside

    Nichola is a biologist first and foremost. With a passion for ecology she takes inspiration for skincare ingredients from the plants and countryside surrounding their rural home in Somerset.

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    The very best ingredients

    Because we know that great quality products can only begin with the very best ingredients. Rest assured that we source our ingredients from the best origins. Whether we choose organic, virgin pressed or even avoid ingredients on ethical grounds, they're very carefully chosen for quality.

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    Backed up by research

    Every product we create undergoes rigorous testing on ourselves before heading out to our nearest and dearest. Once we are happy with the formulation it is submitted to our cosmetic chemist for approval. So we research every ingredient and product type thoroughly before even putting pen to paper.

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    Eco-conscious skincare

    We are committed to reducing our environmental impact. One of the easiest ways to do so is in reducing our need for plastic packaging. We are big fans of solid bar products and also offer refill options so you can reuse your tins.

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  • Boo Cottage Botanicals team members: Ben, Helen & Nichola

    Great customer service

    When you contact us here at Boo, you can rest assured you'll be talking to a real person. And because we're involved in every step of your customer journey, we know the answers to your questions and will do everything we can to give you the best possible experience.

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    Happy Customers

    Customers that come back time and time again, that recommend us to all their friends and family? That's the greatest compliment.

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Environmental Considerations


  • We source our ingredients as locally as possible, although this can be difficult as many ingredients won't grow in our local climate.
  • Having become intensely aware of this in recent years, we are moving to using more British ingredients in our ranges.
  • We're proud to have a 100% British Range, in which all ingredients are sourced from the UK. These include some really high quality ingredients, such as essential oils from Norfolk, sea salt from Dorset and botanicals from Somerset. You can easily identify these products as they have gorgeous navy blue labels.
  • The majority of our ingredients are raw and unrefined. This means that they come with all the goodness still within them.
  • If we do need an ingredient that is not raw i.e. a preservative or an emulsifier, we only use ingredients that are COSMOS or EcoCert, meaning you can rest assured they are of natural origin.
  • We are very aware of sustainability issues surrounding some ingredients and make sure we research every ingredient thoroughly to make sure they meet our standards.


  • We are committed to minimising our environmental impact and use recycled card, glass and tins to form the basis of our packaging.
  • We never pass on plastic packaging to our customers.
  • Everything you receive from us is reusable, returnable or recyclable.
  • We offer a number of items as refill options to minimise waste.
  • Our local customers can take part in our packaging returns scheme. This includes all of our glass bottles and jars.
  • Orders are shipped in recycled cardboard boxes, filled with shredded paper and compostable starch packing peanuts, secured with paper tape.


  • Our electricity supply comes from 100% renewable sources like sun, wind and water.