Collection: Hair Care: Sulfate-free, pH balanced & plastic free, solid shampoo & conditioner bars

Why is finding a shampoo bar so difficult?! You’re trying to be eco-friendly and ditch the (shampoo) bottle but all the bars you’ve tried leave your hair feeling heavy, coarse, dry and even sticky… And following the shampoo with a vinegar rinse; what’s that all about?!

The main reason you’ve struggled is that most shampoo bars are actually soap in disguise… and while we LOVE soap here at Boo, our hair does not. Soap has a pH that is far too high for hair and as a result you can do long term damage. That and leaving it feeling horrible – trust us, we’ve been there!

So we decided to try something different and create a collection of hair friendly, sulfate-free, pH balanced and plastic free, solid shampoo and conditioner bars. Our shampoo & conditioner bars have a slightly acidic pH that your hair will love, we’ve chosen to avoid harsh sulfates, but instead they contain gentle cleansing agents. Of course the bars are palm oil free, are fragranced with essential oils, have natural colourants, botanicals and only made with natural or naturally derived ingredients that are completely biodegradable.