Collection: Special Offers & Multi-buy Bundles

Snap up a bargain with our collection of Special Offers and Multi-buy Bundles.

What's included in our Multi-buy Bundles?

Are you always buying your shampoo bars and conditioner bars at the same time? We've got a special bundle price if you buy them together.

You're looking to start a new face care regime? We have a special bundle price for a cleanser and face oil if you buy them together.

What's included in our Special Offers?

You can find the same quality items you see every time at Boo Cottage Botanicals, however these items may just have slightly shorter use by dates... or perhaps they've got damaged packaging... check the reason for their special offer in the listings.

We really hate waste, so you get to try something new or pick up your favourite item at a bargain price… as long as you’re happy to use them up a bit quicker than usual, or don't mind a dented lid!

All bundles and special offers are available while stocks last. Check back for new special offer items.