Learn with us!

Learn the traditional art of cold process soap making in a relaxed environment with expert tutors.

If you have ever wondered how natural soap was made, then our introductory workshop is the one for you! We have put together this short course to give you an introduction to soap making; both the ingredients and the process involved. This historical process is both scientific and creative. Watch as your soap magically turns from a runny liquid to a hard bar of soap ready for you to use at home.

We have lots of choice of base ingredients, colours and fragrances so everyone's batch is totally unique. We will work with you to create your own essential blend. You can choose to add a colour and can even decorate the top of your soap. Take home your very own batch of cold processed soap ready to cut and cure at home. 

Bars  of pink and white swirly soap on whitewashed wood
Amber glass jar with yellow face cream on whitewashed wood

Learn how to make your own moisturisers and creams with our expert tutors.

If you love using natural skincare products and want to know more about making your own then this course is for you! During the workshop you will learn how to make natural skin creams and moisturisers using beautiful plant oils and butters that your skin will love.

Learn the theory behind natural emulsifiers, creating stable creams and lotions. We have lots of choice of ingredients and fragrances to really tailor them to your skin type. You will create your very own essential oil blend to add fragrance to your cream.

Have fun learning with us in our relaxed friendly atmosphere, with our expert tutors.

If you love using natural products and want to have a go at making your own simple bath and skincare products then this course is for you! Unleash your creativity with our fun skincare workshop, go away with a beautiful selection of your handmade products.

During the session you will learn how to make bath products, natural balms and body butters using beautiful plant oils that your skin will love. You will get to choose from a number of options and we have lots of choices of fragrance, colours and toppings to make your creations truly unique.

Flower topped round bath truffles on whitewashed wood