Get The Full Boo Experience

Opening the door to our shop always provokes the same reaction...         "It smells AMAZING in here!"

Immerse yourself in the full Boo Cottage Botanicals experience by shopping with us in person. We love seeing our local customers. You may be a first time shopper, wanting to explore every product and ask lot of questions. You may have been with us a while and are popping in to collect your favourite product. Either way, we always have time to chat and help you find what you're looking for.

                        ... And having enjoyed the calming fragrances we know you'll feel more relaxed when you leave (although you may not want to!!)

Meet The Team

You'll always be greeted by the waft of gorgeous scent first... Then our smiling faces as we welcome you into the shop.

Smiling man and two women

A warm welcome awaits you at Boo Cottage Botanicals

Payment Options

We accept cash or card payments

Ask For Recommendations

We love helping find the right product for you!

Opening Hours

Usually we are open Monday, Wednesday - Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm

However it is always best to check our hours on Google before making a special journey.

Try Before You Buy

We always have testers available for you to try and to smell before you make your decision.

Do you know what you would like?

We try hard to keep all our items in stock in our shop. Sadly we cannot guarantee you'll find everything all the time. Especially if we've just had a busy event and not had a chance to restock the shelves.

You can check something is available by contacting us. We make some products to order, please don't assume if it's in stock on the website it's on the shelf.

If there's something specific you're after, it's worth a quick message. You don't want to find out when you get here that the one thing you're after isn't available!

If you'd rather make your choices from the comfort of your own home, we have a Click&Collect option for locals. We'll let you know when your order is ready. Then you can just pop in to collect when it's convenient.

Stacks of round aluminium tins with colourful lotion bar labels
White brunette in lab coat and goggles weighing out soap ingredients with soap shelves behind

Behind the scenes

Our drop in shop is attached to the front of our workshop. Depending on when you call in, you may get a sheak peek behind the scenes.

Shopping whilst getting a glimpse into the process - how exciting!

If there's only one of us in and we're at a critical stage of a making process you may have to wait a few minutes for service. We'll do our best to multitask, to chat whilst being busy. But you'll have our undivided attention as soon as possible.

Other times we may be sat at the table wrapping and labelling products... or doing admin jobs... well we can't make soap ALL the time!

Soaps and face oils on shelves in shop