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Our lips go through a lot; they are exposed to UV, dry air, cold temperatures and wind, all of which have a drying effect on the skin by drawing moisture away from the epidermis. Little humidity in the winter as the wind whips the moisture away from your skin is known to cause chapped lips. Frequent sun exposure during the summer can set the scene for chapped lips that following winter, so the combination can give you a particularly bad bout of sore, cracked, peeling lips that are a constant source of irritation.


Protect the delicate skin of your lips by applying a natural waterproof barrier – lip balm. Our lip balms are 100% natural with plant oils and butters combined with nourishing beeswax, botanicals and essential oils to bring you a nourishing product to use every day.


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Our lip balms are hand poured into tins which are the perfect size for a pocket so you can take your lip balm everywhere you go. We have them in every bag and even in the car! Our aluminium tins can be reused or recycled when your balm is finished, reducing your plastic consumption one product at a time.  Our lip balms are labelled with eco-friendly recycled paper which can be either recycled or composted.